2know2 Terms of Use

1. Introductary Notes

1.1  Knowledge Markets Consulting GmbH (FN 263348b, ATU 61773058, DVR 4011611), Siebensterngasse 31/12, 1070 Wien, Österreich - from now on known as KM - operates the website 2know2. This site allow users to use web based services  for HR- and Knowledge Management processes..


1.2 By his or her registration on 2know2 the user agrees with the following terms of use. These terms of use regulate the contractual relationship between the users and KM,


1.3 KM operates 2know2 primarily on the domaine 2know2.com. KM reserves the right to offer 2know2 services on other webpages. The terms of use will also be in effect for these webpages as long as it is obvious that this is also a 2know2 service.


1.4 The services of 2know2 are targeted at  companies and public institutions and not at private individuals.

2. Registration

2.1 To use the services of 2know2 the user has to registrate him or herself.


2.2 The user assures that he or she is giving her true name and all data are complete and true. The useage of  alias names is not allowed.


2.3 The user must not make his or her account available to other persons.


2.4 The user will keep his or her access name and password safe from the access of third persons.


2.5 The user will - for security reason - change the password regularly. This can be done online at any time. Should the user suspect that someone has knowledge of his or her password he or she will change it immediately.


2.6 In case of the reasonable suspicion of some unauthorized usage of the account  KM reserved the right to lock the account. The legitimate user will receive new access data from KM.


3. Subject of contract

3.1Free services can be used imediately and free od charge.Pay services will only be accessible after a formal contract of use has been set up between KM and the organization of the user. KM reserves the right to deny in individual cases the registration and the set up of a contract.


3.2 Pay services may be made available free of chage for all users for test purposes.  KM reserves the right to terminate the trial license after some time if no formal contract has been set up in the meantime.


3.3 KM reserves the right to change layout, structure and functionality of services at any time. Especially the way of presentation and the content are are left to the discretion of KM. The users have no whatever legal claim to take any influence unless something different is agreed upon some where else.


3.4 KM reserves the right to add references to any material generated and used by the services (e.g. online questionairs) Changes are only possible under special agreement.


4. Responsibilities of the user

4.1 The user may use 2know2 services only  for the intended purpose an must not use it in any improper way. 2know2 services must definitely not used for sending spam or junk mails.


4.2 The user commits him or herself to publish no content whatever that might be that is a public nuisance or is against  morality. The user obligates him or herself to publish no sexually abusive, racist, politically extreme or inhuman content.  In case any user violetes this obligation KM reserves the right to take the content offline - without any warning and at the expense of the users organization and revoke the access permission.

4.3 The user will take care not to overload  the technical infrastructure of the 2know2 services . Overloading is usually the use of resources (disk space, band width,...) in access of the amounts given in the contract of use.


5. Data Protection

5.1 KM respects the privacy of 2know2 users and will treat all personal data with special care. KM observe relevant data protections laws ("Datenschutzgesetz" of Austria, European data protection guidelines and other relevant legal requirements). KM will never pass user related data to any third party or make the data available to them in any way.


5.2 Log files: For every page view on 2know2 the access data will be stored in a server log. The stored data record contains the IP address (idendentifying you computer), the remote host (hostname and IP address) accessing the page, a time stamp, status information, transfered data volume, the page where your request came from (referrer) and the product and version information about your browser. KM will use anonymized log files (i.e. without user specific information) for statistics.

Cookies: After login (with username and password) 2know2 services use cookies, which identifies you for the duration of your visit. The cookie will be stored on your computer and become invalid automatically after the end of your session. You may activate permanent storage of the cookie with "Store username and password permanently on this computer". The cookie contains part of your login data in encrypted form.


6. Copyright and other right

6.1 It is not allowed to duplicate the 2know2 content in any way (including documents, hard copies or any other storage). This includes questionairs, learning content or any part of it to distribute them in any way during or after the termination of the use contact. This includes  copyright protected material, data protected by any other rights and also material not protected by any special law.


6.2 Contents must not be made available to any unauthorized third party - neither by the means described above nor in any other way and espacially not by passing on the username/password to anyone.


7. Modifications and Amendments to the contract of use

7.1 KM reserves the right to make modifications and amendments to this contract of use at any time. In this case the the legitimate users will receive a notification of the changes with the request to agree to the new condition. If the user does not agree to the new contract of use the access rights will be revoked.


8. Applied law an court of jurisdiction

8.1 For any legal dispute about this contract of use the legal Austrian law will be applied. Court of jurisdiction is the appropriate court in Wien.



Due date:                     no due date
Date of confirmation:  June 1, 2012
Updated on:                 March 11, 2014